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Madagascar-born and USA-based, Jax Ravel is a young artist with a unique perspective who seamlessly blends his musical influences (Bebop, Latin, Rock and Madagascarian music) into a cohesive package.

Born in a musical family, Jax Ravel was exposed to Western music like Frank Sinatra, Antonio Carlos Jobim, Carlos Santana, and The Beatles; as well as the music of Madagascar – his birthplace. At an early age, his father noticed his interest in music and began giving him piano and drum lessons.

Shortly after touching those instruments, he began to sing along to songs on the radio and accurately recreate their melodies and rhythms. An old musician in his neighborhood made a remark to him: « You’ve got rhythm; you’ve got music in you. Keep your relationship with music healthier and stronger. Always play. Music will bring you very far. »

After several years on piano and drums, he picked up another instrument at the age of 12: the electric bass.

The bass quickly became one of his favorite instruments, and he fell in love with it. Wherever Jax would be, you would see his bass around.

Years later, after gaining a reputation in Madagascar, Jax toured Europe and Africa and later moved to Paris. Shortly after that, he made The United States his new home.

Currently, Jax can be seen playing in both NYC and the Twin Cities.

Photo : © Carlos Alvarado

Source :  www.jaxravel.com

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